changing the default currency format

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When I choose currency as the format of a cell, the default sign is EURO and 2 decimal points. How can i set the default to be the DOLLAR sign ($) and zero decimal points?




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Emile, if you are on Windows


control international


Additional settings



and here change as desired


Sergei. Thank you very much for your post. It worked!! I thought Excel had its own defaults, and that is what I couldn't find. Didn't think of looking a Windows settings. Thanks again

@emileaboumrad , you are welcome

Hi Sergei,
I was able to change this setting, but it still isn't applying to excel
I restarted excel as well - is there anything else that I need to do ?

Thank you!


Let me clarify your steps. Let assume you have Euro now as default currency.

- you open new blank, type in empty cell 123 and apply Currency format. It shows


- we open Windows settings, change Euro on $ and click Apply


- go back to Excel (restart is not required, same Excel file). Now we see


If you repeat as above does it work?

Have tried these steps. have clicked reset button, but excel still shows euros. the funny thing is that the values in the excel workbook had always been $$ never euros. now for some reason even the default number currency format butto [$] defaults to euro.


Are you on Windows?

Let say I have $ as default currency in regional settings. Excel also shows $ by default.


Now let change on Euro and click Apply. Nothing to do in Excel, it automatically shows the number in euro


@Sergei Baklan 



Yes, i'm on windows 10 22H2 bld19045.4291


Excel / MSO v16.0.5443.1000


I have a couple of issues, seemingly related, but slightly different with two workbooks (i'll restate my exact problems below). However, if I create a brand new workbook there is no issue - the problems go away.


NOTE: My System Currency and Locale info are set to US/USD as in the image attached.



Problem 1: On one workbook (in the screenshot attached), the default Currency Symbol for the [$] currency format tool button seems to be stuck on Euros. I can click on the drop down (as shown above) and select $ English [...] currency and it will format the numbers correctly to USD but if I simply click on the [$] button it changes them back to Euros. 


Problem 2: On another workbook, the same [$] button seems to be stuck on  "Number" format, ie just a Number. That is, the same behavior as in problem #1 applies, i can format as USD via the drop down selection, however if i click on the [$] button itself, all values are formatted back to Number. 


These issues persist in their respective workbooks, including in New Sheets within the same workbooks, but as i mentioned already, these issues do not exist on a brand new workbooks.


Should i just run a repair on office? 





This icon


doesn't mean USD, it means Accounting Number Format. In other versions of Excel it looks less confusing


Clicking on it you set your default currency format (Euro, whatever). To apply specific currency format you shall to select it from drop-down menu.

@Sergei Baklan 

Thanks for the reply.

I probably should've mentioned that I'm an IT Professional. I've used Excel/MSO products in advanced ways for over 20 years, I'm well acquainted with _WHAT_ that button should do.


And what it _HAS_ done for years, on the same laptop i've been using, is change the number format to USD from Number. Now it no longer does that on two workbooks.


I think i've explained the two issues i'm seeing to the best of my ability, but again....


On two long-existing workbooks, where that [$] button had been working correctly for years, that [$] button no longer works as expected. Something is broken and it's not a PEBKAC or a PICNIC or the ID-10T virus. ... at least i hope. LOL.




When you Ctrl+1 on any empty cell and select Accounting, what do you see by default in Symbol: space, None or some currency symbol?



and do you have Book.xltx, Sheet.xltx in startup folder on any of machines in question?

@Sergei Baklan 


I see the $ symbol



No Book.xltx or Sheet.xltx to be found at all, anywhere on C:\ drive.