Cannot create, save an excel macro enabled workbook

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I have a new installation of Office 365 on a Windows 10 desktop. I have tried to copy some Excel macro-enabled workbooks from my laptop to my desktop. Every which way. I can manually create a new .xlsm by adding some VBA and saving as .xlsm, but I cannot download the .xlsm (OneDrive or Google Drive) or import project files (.bas, .frm, etc.) to a .xlsx and then save as .xlsm.


Has anyone had this problem and found a solution?



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Can you be more specific please, what exactly happens (or fails) if you:
- Open an xlsm file from OneDrive
- Try to import a bas file into a VBA project
- Other things that might not work

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

My latest attempt was to copy and paste the code in a .bas file to notepad and then copy into a new module. And still, when I save, the .xlsm disappears and Excel is rendered useless until a restart.

Does it happen with just any VBA, or with particular code?