Can you create multiple IF formulas on one cell?

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I am trying to create a formula so that when a certain number appears in the cells in Column F that the logic applies the correct PayPal fee in Column G.  The fee is not set percentage, so I can't make it a math formula.  The fee percentage changes the higher the value.  I used the "IF" formula to say that when the cell in Column F is $45 then put $1.39 in the cell in Column G.  BUT - F could also be $90, $135 or $180.  I want the formula to say that if F is $45 then G is $1.39; if F is $90 then G is $2.28; if F is $135 then G would be $3.18 and if F is $180 then G would be $4.07.  I don't know how to give the formula 4 different options of which fee to put into Column G.  Thanks for the assistance! 

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something like this?

@Deleted Yes - except it's telling me that it can only have a maximum of 3 equations, and I need 4.

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what version of Excel are you using?
You could also try:
I have O365, so it should be the latest and greatest version.
Ok, because then you should be able to apply the function, since the limit for nested if statements, as far as I know, is 64.
Thank you!!! I got it to work! After looking more closely I had missed a comma. Ugh. THANKS for the help!!