Can't delete macros (not showing up in macro list) - want to turn on autosave

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I am trying to save my workbook however an error message says, "AutoSave is disabled because your file contains macros".   When I go to Developer tab and click macros to delete them, there are none in the list.  How do I remove a macro when I can't find it?

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If you successfully deleted all of the macros as you stated, one reason I come up with that your book contains modules, where no macro is yet written. You cannot save a book.xlsx if the book has a module.

Here's how to delete them:

1. Press Alt+F11 to open VBE.

2. Press Ctrl+R to activate Project Explorer.

3. Check if there is any module, which is typically named "Module1" or "Class1", etc.

4. If you find one, right-click it, and press R to release them.

5. Make sure there is no module left in the Project Explorer. (Only a book and one or more sheets should remain present.)

6. Close VBE by clicking X in the top right corner of the window.

7. Save your book.

Hope this works!

@KRob1595 You can save your file as an Excel Workbook (*.xlsx).  This will force all remnants of VBA to be removed from the new copy of the file. Close and re-open the new file, and it will not have any macros.