Can not Manage Conditional Formatting Rules in Excel 365

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Hi everyone,


I was wondering if it is just me but I can not see the menu option to "Manage Rules" that is normally in the Conditional Formatting drop-down menu. Please see the attached image.


I do have these options in the offline Excel version however because I have a form linked I can't take it offline and then use it online again because I then need to create a new form that opens in another tab (if that makes sense).


Is this a bug?


Thanks for the help!




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Hi Sjoerd,


I checked my Excel Online - same story

@Sergei Baklan  Same thing with me. Know Solution???


Managed Rules in new functionality which recently was added to Excel Online.


I guess so far it's available for targeted users and coming in a while for the rest.

@Sergei Baklan there is a tab, but still cant do anything, other than delete the conditional formatting.