Calendar Control on a User Form VBA Excel Office 365 64bit

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In Excel 2010 it was quite easy for me to populate a date cell using the MonthView Contol I think from Microsoft Windows Common Controls 6.0


I am now using


Windows10 64bit

Excel VBA

I am looking for the Calendar Control that should be an Additional Control in the ToolBox.


Browsing research suggest that it may now be called Date and Time Picker Control in the mscomct2.ocx which does not appear to be installed on my system.  It is unclear where to download this file from and if this is for 64 bit machines.



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@Jan Karel Pieterse 

Thanks...  I am using that add-in, and it works, but I do not understand why a tool from Excel 2010 and before is not included in Office365 toolbox.  From what I can read the name was changed to Date and Time Picker, but the ocx file apparently is not for 64bit machines.  Does not make sense that Office365 would reduce the function of Excel.

I agree it is a pain. Microsoft does tend to go out of its way to ensure backward and forward compatibility is OK, but sometimes it does "retire" parts of Office.

@Harold_Excel - sorry for the rant to follow


I am guessing it has to do with their drive to push us into using the web versions of their software.  A pop-up like that would be hard to do in a phone environment.  It looks from here like it was just easier to pretend those of us who use it would be happy little drones and keep our mouths shut like we are told.


They need to remember that by pushing us out of doing interesting with their software, it makes free solutions become a good alternative.   When they abandoned VBA for Macs, I switched much of the back end light data processing to Libre versions before MS started upping their game with new functionality.  


It is the nerds that set the IT policy by writing the indispensable tools companies run on.  Removing functionality makes investing time writing solutions in their software risky.  Macs are basically used as internet appliances and video processing machines because they abandon users so freely.