Calculate a Spelling Age

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I am trying to calculate a spelling age of students... 

I need to input birth dates, date of test and a score (12 to 53)... and have a spelling age as my result.

  1. The table would need to convert birth dates to a DECIMAL AGE in YEARS on a particular date = CURRENT AGE (in YEARS)... (I think I have this bit worked out)
  2. Then input a SCORE (between 12 and 53) and convert that score to a value in DECIMAL YEARS (that is pre-determined) = SPELLING AGE (in YEARS eg 9.8).
  3. hen compare the CURRENT AGE to the SPELLING AGE to give a positive or negative age value in YEARS and MONTHS (eg +1 year 9 months or, - 0 years 7 months...)

Can anyone help please? I have attached the data that needs to be included in the calculations and included two sheets... one with the SCORE DATA and the other the spreadsheet to INPUT the information.

Thanks - David

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maybe something like this?



H5 =LOOKUP(G5,DATA!$A$4:$A$45,DATA!$B$4:$B$45)
J5 =ROUND(MOD(H5-F5,1)*12,0)




Thank you so much Detlef


You are very clever indeed.

One thing I noticed is that the values come out positive in I5/J5 when the year value is 0 but the month is actually negative. Can this be altered?

For example: if I make the score 12, the spelling age is 5.9 but the actual age is 6.4.

1/10/2010 2/03/2017   6.4 12 5.9 0 6





Maybe another way would be better. Calculate only in months.

And if you need to show the result in years and months then use L5 and M5.



F5 =YEARFRAC(C5,D5)*12 
H5 =LOOKUP(G5,DATA!$A$4:$A$45,DATA!$B$4:$B$45)*12 
J5 =H5-F5 
L5 =QUOTIENT(J5,12) 
M5 =J5-L5*12 




Thank you again Detlef


I really appreciate your support.


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