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I've finally figured out how to create a barcode in Excel, but my POS won't read it. I've adjusted the size and It still isn't reading. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but I attempted to work w/ tech support and was told that "Here there is no issue with the application, it is the issue with the formula related issue which is out of our support boundary." I'm wondering if it is the type of font that I chose to use for the barcode? Is that a possibility?  The only formula that I've seen to use is ="*"&A2&"*". If someone could assist me I would greatly appreciate it.

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Field codes: DisplayBarcode

DisplayBarcode is used to insert a standard bar code into a document. It supports 10 different types of barcode. Depending on the one you choose, the barcode type accepts alphanumeric data of different formats and lengths. As a field code, you can right-click and choose Toggle field codes to go between the code and the barcode image. See the example for several types of barcodes. For the specification, see DISPLAYBARCODE.