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Looking for a simple bar code program for Excel, something that will create Upper and Lower case.

I'm fairly new to Excel, I have one spreadsheet that already has bar codes but it only excepts upper case letters, I don't know how to change the formula to make lower case letters or if that's even possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dale Williams


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Creating barcodes with Excel is a thing of its own.

It has been a long time since I disagreed with it, so my knowledge of barcodes is very limited (to put it mildly).


So, first you have to commit yourself to the EAN / GTIN code.

EAN code 128 or EAN code 39 are the most common, so you should find out what works best for you.


As a rule, and mostly if you want to deal with it intensively, you can usually not avoid buying an add-in or ready-made Excel barcode template, of which there are many to choose from on the Internet.

I recommend checking out the Microsoft Store beforehand, maybe there is something already there (I didn't look it up myself).

If you want to deal with it yourself, it is a longer way to have the barcode the way you want it.

What I can give you on this way are a template that I found on the Internet and a VBA code for 128 barcodes.



Thank you for your time and understanding.

Wish you continued success with Excel.



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Thank you, NikolinoDE
The Bar Code I use is the EAN code 39, I will look in the Microsoft Store, i was just checking to see if anyone had version that prints lower case letter. I use The Free 3 of 9 program but I can't get it to print lower case.
Thanks Again


Just an idea, without thinking too much

... in the settings menu for the barcode printer, set all margins to 2 cm (example) and select landscape format, then maybe it could work ... is just a thought, without including all factors such as printer type and existing software options.


Here is a file with 128 code (I got it from the internet a long time ago, unfortunately I don't know where) as an idea. Maybe you can convert it to code 39.


Thank you for your patience and time.


I wish you a lot of success with your project.