Average Sum Formula #DIV/0!

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I am attempting to calculate the average n of days for x amt of cells that has a formula currently set to calculate n in days. 
i.e  column n calculates =DATEDIF(B124,F124,"D")&" days " - the data is pulled from B2:124,F2:124. I now need to calculate the AVG N of days from Column N2 to N124 - formatted in days. However, I keep getting the #DIV/0! error. 

I definitely didn't go to school far data collection, but it's something that I was recently asked to do by my employer. I've looked at youtube videos and searched the web and I still don't understand what I am doing wrong/how to fix the formula. 

Any help is appreciated!

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Because of the &"days" part, the formulas in column N return a text value.

AVERAGE ignores all text values.

Change the formula to =DATEDIF(B124,F124,"D")

I can't believe it was that easy of a fix! Thank you, so much, for helping!!@Hans Vogelaar