Automatic posting of numbers to correct column based on column heading and row titles

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Can someone please tell me how the $ amounts in Spent Colum can automatically be posted in the column that matches payee name in the rows.    I cannot get it to work.  Thank you so much.


PAYEE DEPOSITS  SPENT  BALANCE H PymtUtilitiesDog ExpenseComputerInsuranceDoctor
H Pymt    2,215.36       
Utilities       151.46       
Dog Expense       114.00       
Computer          25.00       
Insurance          87.99       
Doctor       385.00       
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@PamM2565 You didn't specify the Excel version you work with, so I've included two possible solutions in the attached file. One with a single dynamic array and one a regular formula copied down and across.



Thank you so much for getting back to me. I a, using MS365, and thank you again. Pam