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I'm looking for a formula for age of an invoice.  The formula I was using, =A3-Today() is not working for me and I think it could be because it was from an old spreadsheet.  Thanks for the help!!

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I put your question to the Bing chatbot. Here is its answer:


The formula you mentioned `=A3-TODAY()` calculates the difference between the date in cell A3 and today's date. This formula should still work in current versions of Excel. However, if you're having trouble with it, you might want to check the formatting of the cells to make sure they are formatted as dates.

To calculate the age of an invoice in days, you can use a formula that subtracts the invoice date from today's date using the `TODAY` function. For example, if your invoice date is in cell C5, you can use the formula `=TODAY()-C5` to calculate the age of the invoice in days ¹.

Is there anything else I can help you with?

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Thank you so much for the info! I will check the cells!