Adding pictures to Notes on Excel Office 365 on Mac.

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Hi there, is there a way to add pictures to Notes in Excel Office 365 on Mac? 


I was able to do it on previous versions of excel, when Notes was previously just termed Comments by using:

1.Edit comment

2.Format comment

3.Color fill in etc...

However, the only formatting I am able to do is only format the shape.

Any help would be appreciated! 



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Hi @blueasid11 


Weird one as the official Microsoft support page says you can still add an image to Notes.


Perhaps maybe try it on a different spreadsheet, and/or another Mac computer to see if it works?


Best wishes!


@blueasid11 ,

At least on Windows it works as before from right click menu



@Damien Rosario 

I can confirm that this feature is broken and gone in the current PC build as well. 


On PC and


result is like


@Sergei Baklan 


I can't seem to be able to acheive what you have?
I'm using Excel on a Mac and there is no option to insert a jpeg.


Sorry, I can't help with Mac. On Windows that's Color->Fill Effects->Picture. Do you have any options in drop-down menus under the Fill?