Adding numbers in nonconsecutive cells in a column

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I have a column of cells with numbers.  I would like to know the formula for getting the sum of the numbers in certain of the cells.  Example:  The cells go from A1 to A25.  I would like to get a sum for A1:A12 + A18:A22.  I have tried several variations, all without success.  If someone can tell me the formula I would be very appreciati

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@Rchrd1221 Did you try:




As variant



An alternative starting point is, why did you select A1:A12 + A18:A22 for the summation?  There must be something about the content over and above an irresistible attraction to the area of worksheet A18:A22.

A common practice is to have a second column to select the cells to sum and have a formula such as

= SUMIFS( rangeA, rangeB, "include me too!" ) 

@Peter Bartholomew 

It very depends on data structure. That could be couple of subtotals inside and =SUBTOTAL(109, A1:A23) as final sum. If in A3:A17 are texts that could be simply =SUM(A1:A22). Perhaps other variants, it depends.

True, but I guess that is something I dislike about spreadsheet solutions and the notation they use. There is no indication of the user-intent so it is difficult to assess the validity of any proposed solution.