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I am struggling to find a solution to the following problem.

I have a spreadsheet with a formula in D6 set up to multiply a number in C6 by 16.5   =C6*16.5

C6 contains the number 12.00 which inturn gives a total of £198 in D6

I now need to deduct 3% from the total and I cant find a way to do that, iunfortunately the spreadsheet has 100s of entries so it would take forever to go in and deduct 3% from each figure.

any help would be much appreciated.

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As a two step calculation using 'send down' you could have 

= C6 * 16.5
= D6 * (1-3%)


Personally, I do not use calculations like that and would instead use an array formula that applies to the 100s of cases with one single formula

= values * 16.5 * 97%
Dont think I can use an array as there are several different amonts etc. column D ia multiplied by 16.5 Column F is multiplied by 18.5 column G is multiplied by 19 etc etc