A particular date for a number

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Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to VLOOKUP formulas and I need your help.

I need a formula that designates a date from two charts for a number in a column.

I have a suite number and I need the formula in the firm occupancy column/cell to be reading from two different boxes where different suite numbers have dedicated dates.


A little snippet from the chart i need to create:



Please help!

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I don't see the numbers 101-110 anywhere in the table

I don't know if this is the intention, but otherwise you have to use a different formula




The two tables I need to use are quite large and numbers 101 to 110 are further down in the table. I only made a small snippet of a very large document. For example purposes, if you can help with this, 101 can be 201 as well.

@Ginta80 Is it possible to do it my way
Can I post a file somewhere?