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2021 Office Pro bugs

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I am old school, and like the Office version. All support seems geared to 365. 365 might be better, but it is not what I want.


How do I repair installation from Office with no CD?

Installed on old laptop from Web.

Purchased online, and can't find link, seems to have diapered.


Bought new laptop, and Office was in my Sign-in on MS, and migrated Office to new laptop.


Have bugs using Conditional Format, and was told to try update, or repair.

Since I can't find update option, thought repair would solve both problem. I hope.

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@Jan Karel Pieterse 


Looked at the link and it has something to do with code not installing.


I did reinstall Office, and still have the deleting CF from copied cell.



I responded to your question about how to reinstall Office without a CD. The CF bug is apparently still present in 2021. I believe it has been fixed after 2021 came out and hence will remain unfixed in 2021. That is the drawback of the "fixed" version: it is fixed in time except for security updates and perhaps -in very rare occasions- a bug fix or two. They no longer do Service Packs, where important bugs are fixed.