Excel Team really listens to our customer base

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Excel is one of Microsoft’s premier productivity apps. CEO Satya Nadella said in June 2016 – “there's one product that stands above the rest as the best consumer product that the company has ever made — and a symbol of what the company is all about. Think about a world without Excel. That's just impossible for me". With millions of customers worldwide, the Excel team is looking at unique and differentiated ways to connect with our customers. We know that Excel users are extremely engaged… they want to learn new skills, contribute content and knowledge back into the community and form a strong, thriving community. We have seen this since the launch of our Excel community which is now one of the biggest community on the MSFT Tech community site. We launched the Excel World Championship from October 2016 to March2017 for the first time and the reach was amazing - millions of  impressions worldwide and 6000 participants from 60 countries! Excel skills are proudly displayed on resumes, and it’s one of the top 5 skills employers look for (only bested by such basic competencies as communication and organization).


For such a large and engaged user base, it’s very important that we continue to delight them and improve the product based on their desires.  We are making deep investments both in the product and customer outreach activities to truly embrace “Customer Love” culture within the Excel team. UserVoice is a site we use to capture feature request from our users. Over the last 6 months in 2017, we have released many features as requested on users on Excel UserVoice across various platforms. Overall we are proud to announce that we have addressed more than 20% of the issues by votes! It is important to note that those updates or new features are released to production for our Office 365 subscribers.


We love hearing from our customers. So continue to provide your suggestions and ideas for the next version of Excel on UserVoice. We will do our best to respond to the top suggestions.

Excel User Voice Features Shipped in 2017:


Desktop (Windows)

  1. Personalize the default PivotTable layout
    Set up a PivotTable the way you like, and start with that layout every time you create a new PivotTable. Link
  2. Keep the copy
    Copy your cells, and before you paste, you can still do other tasks like typing or inserting cells. Link
  3. Quick access to Superscript and Subscript formatting in Excel
    You can now add the Superscript and Subscript commands to your QAT or Ribbon.  In Excel Options, select Customize Ribbon or Quick Access Toolbar, select the commands from the list of popular commands and add them. Link
  4. Collaborative Editing
    Work with others at the same time in your workbook. Link


  1. Pictures in Headers and Footers
    Customize your printed workbooks by adding images to headers and footers. Link
  2. Add Page Break Preview Buttons
    Add buttons to the ribbon and status bar to enable customers to find the command. Link



  1. Freeze Panes: Allow creation and modification
    The ability to freeze the top row or first column or specific part of the view. Link
  2. Select the entire grid/select all
    Excel Online now supporting the ability to Select All cells in a range, a table, or sheet; by using Ctrl+A or by clicking the triangle at the top left corner. Link
  3. Format Painter
    Excel Online now supporting Format Painter.  It has been added to the ribbon. Link
  4. Find improvements and Replace
    Improved Find and replace dialog.  Includes replace/Replace all and stays open until dismissed. Link
  5. Shapes: Roundtripable & light edit, Rotation
    Workbooks containing shapes can now be edited. Link



  1. Tap or draw?
    Choose whether your Apple Pencil selects or inks by default. Link
  2. Collaborative Editing
    Work with others at the same time in your workbook. Link
  3. More Functions
    New logical functions IFS and SWITCH, will shorten the formulas you write. Link
  4. Enter data with a snap
    Easily enter numbers and formulas with the new Number panel. Link

Keep up the great work!

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I am stuck in a formula. If you can help me please help or email me I am doing you my problem

Distance between 2 points as given

A B 2B; BC 3; CD 2

A D 3

D E 4

E F 3

I G 2

G B 5

B E 4

Z A 3

Z I 1



1. Z A B C D E -11

2. Z I B C D E 

3. Z A D E






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Hi Excel Experts , 


Need your help urgently.

I am facing a technical issue for my new job. My direct boss kept on insisting her excel formula runs and data is not accurate. She created her multiple spreadsheets in a shared workbook (Excel Version 2010) linked to a pivot table. There are several instances that I opened the workbook , the drop down list is not available.  My name was highlighted to my management as the main user and will be placed on improvement plan for a month and if I cannot perform during that period. I will be asked to leave.  She mentioned that other users does not have an issue on the excel but she always need to rechecked the formula daily. I felt so bad that I could not sleep for nights.


Please help to enlighten me.

What could be the possible reasons forroot cause of formulae run or data errors?

Could you advise if Track changes, or copy and pasting of data from system to notepad and paste in the excel or paste special could resolve the issue?

Or could it be due to Shared version?


Thank you 

Excel User

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I install Office standard 2016,and i try to download Power Pivot but I can't find any link.

I also try to use add-in options but also is not vailable.


Hi @Julio Perez,


For 2016 just


Hi @Julio Perez


Best to post your questions to the main forum  https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Excel/bd-p/ExcelGeneral


Do you have Excel via Office 365 if not what version of Excel 2016 did you get,  Home / Office other?  Not all versions of Excel 2016 had Power Pivot

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Office optios.pngoffice versaion.png


I can find that option in Office 2016 standard Edition


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I need an help to split a sentence using excel formula:

For example see the below sentance


692 RUTLAND LLC 1,569.41 34 E 01820 182-183


I need only "692 RUTLAND LLC" alone from the above sentance. How can I achieve this using excel formula. Can anybody help me?

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