Windows Information Protection - WIP in RC

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Is there documentation regarding WIP in the new edge? I know there is a flag, but how do I enable that via policy? What other steps are included?

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@Philip Büchlercan you please show, explain about which "flag" you are talking about?

I found that if install new Edge, then WIP no longer applies, by checking Publisher info, it looks different then the existing Edge in WIP policy, I'm just thinking it will be required to add new Publisher info for Edge browser, or the Publisher info will be updated after Edge will be added to the Windows Store with GA..

@lightupdifire Flags are experimental features that are not yet included in settings. You can access them by going to edge://flags in your adress bar. Windows Information Protection is one of those experiments. 

@Philip Büchler 

Thanks, this did the trick :)

Opened MS Support to check what are plans for this feature and WIP.

Let me know what they answer.

@Philip Büchler 

MS Support not help, they say we need to wait for like "official Enterprise release" and monitor Intune news :)

We have been using WIP and Chromium Edge for a few months and all has been working ok, although the most recent dev build (82.0.432.3) has changed the behavior.  Now Edge MUST have a logged in profile to be regarded as being a non-personal application. (although it does show as associated to our tenant in Task Manager even when I log into another tenant in a separate Edge profile)


Anyway before this most recent build Edge would always regard itself as a work application and would allow me to go to say, but the most recent one blocks that access unless my profile is actually a logged in profile