Still unable to sign in using AAD


The latest blog post suggests that you should be able to sign in using a AAD accounts, but i'm still not finding I can. Only MS accounts are able to be selected.



This is version

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Don't worry. Still seems to be an experimental feature that's turned off by default.


Enabling it signs into the account immediately without having to select anything.



One thing the Edge Team needs to communicate is that signing in with an AAD account will only work if your tenant has Azure Premium 1 or 2. Otherwise if you sign in with your AAD nothing in Edge gets synced. Just as in Windows 10 sync settings are grayed out unless an organization has Azure Premium 1 or 2. I wish Microsoft would just make it so that any tenant, even with Azure Basic, can sync their Windows 10 and New Edge settings.

It does state that sync is not 'yet' available, so perhaps it's coming.



I hope so. But I think that would require the Edge Team to convince the Azure Team to remove the limit on sync settings for all Office 365 tenants whether they have Azure Premium or not. It's really quite silly that a home user with a free Microsoft Account can sync settings in Windows 10 and Edge but a company that has paid for Office 365 Business Premium can't sync those same settings to their AAD accounts.

@RichLusk Agreed! It's maddening!

@Anthony Russell 


On the positive side: Once the flag is enabled, the menu experience is pretty painless. I am on a machine connected to my O365 domain with Windows 10 Pro. It detects my user and conveniently offers me the option of syncing the profile to that user with one click, but still gives me the option of selecting a different O365 account, or a Microsoft account. 

+1 for the first half of the experience, UI is pleasant, simple and to the point.


On the negative side:

I am getting the error: 


We can't sign you in right now

The Microsoft Edge team has been notified of this issue. Please try again later. Error code: -2147024540


I don't know if it is just buggy right now; or because of the license - I have a Microsoft O365 Business license. Other users on my company use Microsoft 365 Business Essentials and Office 365 Business Essentials. 


IMO any O365 license should just work to sync settings, to foster adoption of the platform. Microsoft, you are playing catch-up here, need to give the goodies. 

In order to sync the Windows 10 settings of PC joined to Azure AD and the new Edge settings your Office 365 tenant must have an Azure Premium subscription in order to enable Enterprise State Roaming. I don't think most people know this. If you don't have an Azure Premium subscription when you go to Windows 10>Settings>Accounts>Sync your Settings you will notice the settings are grayed out and it says "Sync is not available for your account. Contact your system administrator to resolve this."
Here is an article with more information.
Notice about halfway through the article it states "Enterprise State Roaming is available to any organization with a Premium Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) subscription."

In this case, the error message is a total faceplant, given it would be "expected behavior" in some licensing scenarios. It should simply inform the consumer in a clear and concise language, with a link to the documentation.

Still, Microsoft should reconsider browser settings sync with O365 licenses.
Without that, Edge Chromium is dead in the water, simple as that.

@Tiago Freire @Rich Lusk

Thank you for your feedback. We are actively working on enabling sync for Enterprise accounts and will be rolling it out very soon. We acknowledge the concern you raised around sync only available for Azure premium accounts. We are exploring ways to improve our offering/messaging here. 


Really appreciate your support and patience. 



@akhator Thank you for the reply and update.  It would be great if not just Enterprise Accounts but also Office 365 Business Premium accounts be able to sync not only Edge data but also Windows 10 settings.  It's too bad that free accounts are able to sync Edge and Windows 10 settings but not paid Office 365 Business Premium accounts.  I hope that Microsoft will please consider this.  Thank you for your time and reply.

Is there a way to actually push that experimental flag as "enabled" through GPO, GPP or some other method? If I was able to do that, I wouldn't need to send an explanation / install cheat sheet to our internal testers. In our company, we need to force sign-in into the AAD account by default.

At the moment, I had to switch that setting of in the Test GPO because we ended up in a loop.

(To sign in, you need AAD to work, but to turn it on, you need to pass the mandatory sign-in box. We block personal Microsoft accounts from our corporate network).

"We are actively working on enabling sync for Enterprise accounts"

Enterprise only? That's still inferior to what people are used to.
Google Chrome gives sync to all accounts, starting from free, and it just works.
You already have it for free accounts. It does not make sense to take it away from Home & Student, Home & Business & Business/Essentials/Premium Accounts, and only give it back on Enterprise.

If Microsoft goes down this route, it is starting off handicapping itself. It is already in an uphill battle to gain any market share. How does removing features make a product more desirable? It doesn't.
People live in the cloud, if you provide inferior sync, it will not be adopted, and will be a stillborn product, simple as that.

Bottom line:
Sync should be provided starting off in the free tier and just work on all product tiers above it.

This seems to be broken, as it is now showing an error against my profile.




I'm also unable to sign-in to Edge on iOS, so seems to be a back-end thing.




Hope they sort this out soon...

@RichLusk, we have Azure AD Premium and it let's me sign in and says syncing but never does sync.

@Jeffrey Allen Thanks for reporting the problem. Can you submit feedback using in-app feedback channel so that we can investigate this further? 

@Anthony Russell Are you still facing this issue after signing out and signing back in on your PC? For your iOS issue, can you submit feedback using in-app feedback channel if you are still facing this issue?

@akhator Yes, I'm still seeing this issue and I have already submitted feedback on both. One of the first things I did.

On a domain-joined pc, I am able to sign in with my consumer account, but then sync is disabled.

It is also in Windows 10, and apparently Edge relies on this - and it cannot be enabled either, according to other reports about Sync in Windows 10 on domain-joined computers.


When signing in with my work account, the message is "Couldn't connect to the sync server. Retrying..."


@akhator, I submitted feedback on syncing for Windows 10, iPhone and iPad.