[solution found] Edge canary Bug, Stuck with msg: "Your browser is managed by your organization"

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I had put 2 of the enterprise group policies into the C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions. those were:

msedge.admx  &   msedge.adml

msedgeupdate.admx    &   msedgeupdate.adml

after deleting all of them, Edge canary still says that "Your browser is managed by your organization". I can't update the browser, it downloads the update then i click on restart and after it restarts it stays on the old version and the restart button is still there.

Annotation 2019-07-24 235444.pngthere is no policy set that is related to the Edge.




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Uninstalled/reinstalled Edge canary, still the same!
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Okay found the fix myself after watching lots of Youtube vids about the same problem in google chrome. the process is basically the same, just in a different registry branch.

so basically for some unknown reason Edge canary made this registry key automatically. I don't know why, I hope Edge team sees this and look into it.

here's the troublesome reg key.

Annotation 2019-07-25 014158.png


Again I've never touched Registry before for Microsoft Edge. but to fix the problem I just deleted that reg key.




When you apply policies through GPO, the appropriate reg keys are automatically created.  This ensures that the policies are still applied even when you are not connected to your corporate network.


I agree this is not very clear, and I hope the Edge team can add an option to the Uninstaller to detect the keys and delete them if required.

thanks for the info. when the server applies a GPO the reg keys are created automatically on clients, right, but what if the server deletes a GPO? do the created reg keys automatically delete from clients computer as well?



This is known as registry tattooing. I'm not an expert on it myself, but you can read these articles and watch some Youtube films for more info.


As this is a GP Policy, the reg keys should normally be removed when the policy is no longer applied, as they are not tattoo.  I hope somebody from the Edge team can confirm this.



After reading your initial question again, it sounds like you copied the ADMX files directly to the C drive of a computer, instead of configuring them through Group Policy.  Is that correct?


If you are working in an environment without Group Policy, you can always create the reg keys manually on a computer.  See the help file here for examples -

Thank you,
yes I was testing it on my personal Windows 10 PC without group policy management, If i were to apply it in a domain joined PC that would be easier since as you said the group policy management server would take care of reg keys automatically.
They're good articles you linked to, i'll make sure to read them,
Thanks again!