New Edge: How to unblock specific file types in specific locations

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Just installed the new Edge browser and so far I am very, very happy with it. It seems faster and more reliable (couple of hiccups) than most other browsers and it does not use GBs of memory.


It takes time to learn of course and set the correct policies. One thing that is very important for us is to be able to open specific log-files in txt-format from specific locations. We have a web page that contains the links to this so that our IT users can quickly open the necessary log-file. Some of these are checked every morning.


At the moment Edge just blocks the file://{server}/{share}/{folder}/{filename}.txt (even though you can use file://{server}/{share}/{folder} and then open the file from the list of files in that folder.


I have studied all the available policies for Edge, but I cannot find the right one for unblocking this. Is this at all possible and if so how?


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@StigJ Thanks for reaching out. We're so glad to hear that you're liking Edge so far!


If I'm reading your post correctly, it sounds like you're asking about group policies, so I'll move this post to our Enterprise team's section, so they can get some visibility into it. Please let me know if you don't hear back or if you were actually asking about something else!

@StigJ After chatting with the team, they suggested checking out this article (Which it isn't an offical MS help article, it was written by one of our Edge program managers.)


Let us know if you still have more questions after checking that out.


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To elaborate on this a little bit, Edge (and Chromium-based browsers) block link navigation to file:// URLs from pages loaded over HTTP/HTTPS.

If you copy/paste the file URL to the address bar, or if you click on the link from a page loaded from another file:// URL, it should work just fine.


Many thanks for the responses to this. It is now clear that the correct way forward would be to set a group policies for those sites that we internally deem safe. And if not the workaround provided by @Eric_Lawrence is the best option.


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@StigJ Still don't see a post on how to fix the external links issue with a domain.  

@SHammel980 I'm not sure what "External links issue" you mean specifically. Perhaps you're asking about the upcoming Edge 95 policy (not yet released) to allow configuration of navigation to file:// URIs from Edge?




@Eric_Lawrence  Yes, we are running into multiple issues using Edge with internal file shares and servers.  Hoping this update will correct the issue. 

@SHammel980 I'm afraid it's hard to understand what yo umean by "multiple issues", "Internal file shares and servers", or why you've linked to the HTTP authentication policy documentation.


This thread (and my post regarding changes coming to Edge 95) concerns the use of file:// URIs in the browser. It does not apply to HTTP/HTTPS urls.


Can you please be precise about what URLs you're using and what problems you're having?