master_preference file seems to be ignored

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Hi Community,


We recently started implementing Microsoft Edge Chromium at several of our customers.

The browser works great, such a huge improvement from the previous Edge (Microsoft Store based) browser.


However, there are some settings to be made at customers which we are not able to set via the provided admx templates. Like for example: settings the option to always open a file with certain file type instead of downloading it first. According to several sources found on the web this setting should be set with the following option: "extensions_to_open:ddc" within the master_preference file. But this setting, among with other settings set via the master_preference file seems to get ignored.


It would be great to get a statement from the development team on whether the master_preference file should in fact be working or it gets ignored by design? And if it should be working, which options are currently supported?


Found several posts on this very forum having similar issues:


Can we please get some more elaborate information on this topic? Seeing a seemingly enterprise ready browser should have these kind of options down in my opinion.


Hoping someone can help me out,





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Would be greatly appreciated if an official statement could be brought out regarding the master_preference file and its workings within Edge Chromium.