Installation-Error on Windows Server 2016 (Terminal-Server)

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hi folks

i'm trying to install the edge chromium BETA to one of our win2016-terminal-server.

unfortunately, the setup crashes every time. in the event-log, i'm getting the event-id 1000 "application error" (error in module "ntdll.dll")

on other server2016-systems the installation is working fine.

any ideas? are there any additional installation logs for troubleshooting?


cheers, sandro

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Hi @_Sandro_, I would recommend opening a ticket with our support team.  They are superb, and can help get you unblocked.  You can open a ticket from this link: Thanks - Elliot

it seems, they don't like tickets for business / enterprise environment. they told me to open a ticket with the "commercial browser support".... a bit strange, because its still BETA and maybe such installation errors will help for further cases? @Elliot Kirk 

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Update: we have found a solution for our environment! (Windows Server 2016 Terminal-Server with Citrix XenApp 7.15 / Virtual Apps and Desktops)

Seems like some Citrix-Software is responsible for the crashes. Installation on Standard Windows Server 2016 with Terminal Services working fine.

Check the following article: