Edge Dev Group Policy Errors

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I have noticed that my company's policies for Edge Searching seem to be reverting back to the defaults.  I noticed that searching in the Address Bar was using Bing when it should be using Google, by policy.  I went to edge://policy and noticed that there were errors in the search policy:



I clicked the Reload Policies button, and the Status immediately changed back to OK.



I restarted Edge Dev, and the settings reset back to their Error Status.


I have noticed this for the past few Edge Dev Releases...and just validated that it still happens on 102.0.1217.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit).


I have NOT been able to reproduce this behavior on ANY Edge Stable Release.


Is this a known issue?

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@Metroparks Hello!  I believe you are having the same issue mentioned in this other thread: Bug: Edge Beta 101 on Start: This policy is blocked - its value will be ignored. - Microsoft Tech Co...


The team is actively investigating and we will provide updates once available.  Thanks!