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How can we enable the Adobe Reader as the default PDF handler in Edge or disable the internal PDF viewer? We appreciate your efforts regards PDF handling, but Adobe Reader is still required in our enterprise to view PDF in browser.


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There is an GPO option "Always opened PDF files externally". But in this case, the a dialog appears and the PDf file is only downloading and not downloading and open automatically.


Maybe this behaviour can be changed. If a PDF file can really treated as a download without the dialog and with download and open the file, this would be  a good solution!

@stesch79 yes we would be updating the policy behavior to auto-download files. Additionally, in the downloads menu at the bottom, you can select the option to always open files in system viewer by default. With that, the files will start opening in the systems viewer. 


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@vygadeka  Thanks, great to know! With you suggestion, one step less. But I have still to download to the Downloads folder and, afterwards, to cleanup the Download folder in order to not spam it :) Looking forward to the policy update!

@vygadeka Any news about this request?

@stesch79 policy update will be available in the build in coming weeks. The team is onto it. Just one clarification is that with this change the files will still get downloaded to disk and opened so you will have the copy in the Downloads folder.  

@stesch79, I'd like to see this too without downloading first.  Maybe it'll be added soon.

@Jeffrey Allen 


I am also looking for additional features to be added to new Edge however I ended up using extension and it works without downloading the pdf files. At this this is my workaround until we get more features added by Microsoft.


Hope it helps.

@vygadeka What's the status of this? Has it been implemented?

I have been trying in both the Stable and Dev channels today and I still experience a popup saying the PDF reader has been disabled and that i need to click on Download now.


We would like Edge to automatically download the PDF to a temp folder (or Downloads as a start) and then automatically open the PDF with the default PDF viewer specified in Windows.


The reason we cannot use the buildin PDF reader in Edge is that all of our internal PDF documents have java-script in them (which is disabled in the buildin viewer) used by our document handling solution.

@vygadeka  I'd like to know the status of this as well. I have the same issue as @ToMMeR, and this is preventing us from implementing Edge organisation-wide.


Intended behaviour for opening a link to a .pdf file would be: Download to temp & open in Adobe Reader. Preferrably without additional user interaction.

The current nag screen to download (but then open automatically) is confusing to our users.



Same question. Update?


The extra download step is confusing users and unnecessary taking up space on our storage and cloud. 


Auto downloading files gets us closer. What we really want is a way to click on an online PDF link


For example


Click on form 1040 and have it open in Adobe reader, acrobat, etc. Anything but Edge.


Why do we have to download the PDF first and then change the default in teh download toolbar to automatically open it in System viewer or Adobe? Why not just open the link from the website in our choice that is not Edge.


If you have to download it then like the others said auto download it to a temp folder and then we can use the always open pic you posted.



Is this issue still being worked on? This is the last big roadblock to my org deploying new Edge to all users.

Clearly someone at MS has dropped the ball here.  After deploying Edge Chromium to a test set of users every single one of them is screaming for real Chrome back.  They work with PDF files all day long and Edge Chromium's PDF functionality is just unacceptable. Why can't you get this working like real Chrome?  For now Edge Chromium has been removed and users are back and happy with real Chrome.  Slick move Microsoft.  Tick users off over something that should just be logical.

@stesch79 try the Adobe Acrobat extension?

@RalphgThere is none for Edge.

@stesch79 Nice find! But as I read it, it requires Acrobat installed on the machine, and it won't work with Acrobat Reader. 


Also, while this extension may help, users shouldn't be expected to install extensions just to be able to download & open a file with their usual program out of the browser. It works with other files, why not with pdf?

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@smokie128  It works with Adobe Reader, you don't need Adobe Acrobat. The cool thing is, that you the extension menu automatically pops-up and users can click to "Open in Acrobat" and it will download and open the PDF:



@smokie128 the ability to automatically download the files (instead of getting the popup message) has been added to Edge version 083. You can also give it a try in latest Canary version. Please let us know if that works for you. 


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@stesch79 Thanks a bunch! 

Well I finally have happily switched to Edge (Chromium)!