Power Automate Use Case - Facility Maintenance Process
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The only reason you wouldn't love Power Platform is if you haven't heard about it. These days, we have loads of career success stories just because these people learn Microsoft Power Platform and brough more value to their organization.


Higher Education students are redefining their career by learning Power Apps too. In this series, we will show you how to acquire this skill and demonstrate to your potential employers how much value you can bring to the table.


Use Case


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When Building a solution

Before you build an application, you should have some thought and break down what you want to do before building. This process is often called "Solution Architecting". While we will not be taking a lot of time doing this, I would like to introduce you to the basics of it.


The below image describes the three (3) basic components you should think about when building an App with power Apps; The Frontend, the backend, and the middleware.





The front-end will be Microsoft Power Apps. This is the solution the users will be interacting with.

Below is the image of Power Apps Maker studio where we will be building the Frontend.





The Middleware

The middleware will be Microsoft Power Automate which will allow us to configure the background processes that the admins will need to set up approval request for an example. Below is the image of Power Automate studio where we will be building the Middleware.





While there are several data sources in Power Apps, we will use Microsoft Dataverse as our backend where we will store all the data. Micrososft Dataverse.

Dataverse lets you securely store and manage data that's used by business applications. Data within Dataverse is stored within a set of tables.


table is a set of rows and columns. Each column in the table is designed to store a certain type of data, for example, name, age, salary, and so on. 




Reactor Live Session - Practical Guide

Watch the video below to build this solution. Under the video is more details about the App




The Process Flow

When configuring a process that your Power Automate flow must follow, there is usually some set of steps business stakeholders often ask the automation builder to implement. 


Backend Processes.png




Now that you have followed this process to build your own application. make sure you save your changes and do the following:

Take a Screenshot of your Process Flow

  1. Post on Twitter, LinkedIn

  2. Deep Link: Make the link in the notification email open directly the item in Power Apps

  3. Visit https://aka.ms/LowCodeOctober and register for the Power BI session if you haven't done so



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