New GitHub Copilot with JavaScript Learn module!
Published Sep 14 2023 12:14 AM 4,491 Views

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Our new GitHub Copilot with JavaScript learning module is now AvailableThis module will teach you how to use GitHub Copilot as your coding partner. You will learn how to make effective prompts, follow best practices, and use GitHub Copilot to animate a section of your JS portfolio! 


Imagine having a technical partner, who can suggest code snippets and complete lines for you. GitHub Copilot is designed to save you time, reduce errors, and help you write code more efficiently. This learning journey shows you how to set up Copilot and how it can make you faster as a developer starting to write code. In addition, it shows you how Copilot can assist you with existing projects and complicated tasks. 


During your learning process you'll use GitHub Codespaces, which provides a fully configured and customizable development environment that can be accessed from any device.
After completing this module, you will earn a badge to showcase your skills!


Next Steps

Interested in learning more about GitHub Copilot? Below are some resources you will find useful:
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