Microsoft Deep Learning Virtual Machine
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First published on MSDN on Sep 29, 2017

The DLVM is a specially configured variant of the Data Science VM DSVM that is custom made to help users jump start deep learning on Azure GPU VMs. The DLVM uses the same underlying VM images of the DSVM and hence comes with the same set of data science tools and deep learning frameworks as the base VM.

DLVM VMs specifically a for GPU based deep learning workloads and improve the product discoverability as a premier deep learning VM environment on Azure.

Why I think this is perfect for education

Some of the other non deep learning highlights on the latest release of the underlying DSVM images are:

  • Spark standalone on Windows 2016 DSVM and local Spark Python3 notebook kernel. Now you can develop and test PySpark code locally on Windows DSVM (standalone or within AzureML workbench).
  • MMLSpark library on both Windows 2016 and Ubuntu DSVM and ability to run MMLSpark on local Spark standalone instance.
  • DeepWater and Sparkling Water (on Ubuntu only).
  • Azure ML Workbench bootstrap installer on Windows 2016 DSVM (Clicking on a desktop icon installs the whole Azure ML Workbench and CLI locally)
  • PyCharm is now on Windows 2016 DSVM
  • Geo Spatial DSVM This extensions adds on ESRI’s ArcGIS Pro desktop software on top of Windows 2016 DSVM along with the Python and R bridges.

Getting started

DSVM Product Web page:

Provisioning the DLVM:


Deep Learning and AI frameworks

Tooling and IDE

Additionally we have released the Visual Studio Code AI extension. VS Code Tools for AI is a cross-platform extension that supports deep learning frameworks including Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK), Google TensorFlow and more

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