Introducing our Security 101 course for beginners!
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Everyone is involved in cybersecurity to some extent nowadays, it's a team sport. To help everyone upskill in the cybersecurity space, we've released an open-source Security 101 for beginners course that helps explain key concepts of cybersecurity.




What’s in store?


  • CIA Triad & more: Dive into core concepts like the CIA triad and learn the difference between risks and threats.

  • Security Controls: Get the lowdown on what security controls are and their various forms.

  • Zero Trust: Unpack the buzzword ‘zero trust’ and discover its significance in today’s cybersecurity landscape.

  • Key concepts in cybersecurity: across identity, networking, security operations, infrastructure, and data security.



Who’s it for? 


This course is designed for beginners to explain key security foundations, but you may already be an experienced professional in another area who hasn't done any formal security training too.



Getting started 


The whole course is contained in this repository on GitHub.


  • Fork It: Fork the entire course repository to your GitHub account. This lets you tweak the code and tackle the challenges at your pace.

  • Star It: Star the repository for easy access later.



Course breakdown


  • Video Intro: Kick off with a video that sets the stage for what you’ll learn.
  • Written Guide: Deep dive into each topic with a detailed written lesson.
  • Quizzes: Test your understanding with quizzes.
  • Extra Resources: Hungry for more? We’ve got extra resources for those eager to expand their expertise.


Ready to embark on your cybersecurity adventure? Head to our GitHub repository and start learning!:rocket::locked: If you found it useful, don't forget to share with others:

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