Empowering lives by Power Platform: Low-Code Technology League Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors
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“ With our Power Platform, we are enabling anyone with a big idea and the passion to make a difference to maximize their impact and transform their organization for the better. “ ~ Satya Nadella

I’m Jatin Pandya, Computer Science Undergrad, Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, and the league leader of the Low-code league in the community. I aspire to be a product/program manager who'll be Impacting and empowering the lives of various individuals with technology advocating compassion. 



The low code league aims to advocate the power of technology by its technical and professional development hands-on sessions/boot camps and more to teach and demonstrate how the impact of low-code no-code technology is rising exponentially.


The Low-code No-code revolution is coming faster than we thought and driving more values towards empowering people worldwide. Microsoft Power Platform brings more value in Business and Personal Computing through its powerful tools - Power apps, automate & BI.


According to many case studies, Power apps have been a highlight of impact during the pandemic empowering the non-technical spaces like Schools management system by enabling educators and operations staff to develop automated and no-code solutions for enhancing their curriculum, database, and operational services to a greater extent and implementing more wider scope of development to 3rd party developers who work on making power apps and automate flows for schools and healthcare facilities to help in their overall user experience. 


Students regardless of their technical or non-technical background are learning and working to deepen their understanding of power platforms especially power apps by making low-code apps along with using Power Automate and BI for powerful data analytics and automation of regular activities empowering them to broaden their horizons in COVID providing more opportunities than ever in the industry.


Developing a simple Power app is the best way to kickstart your power platform Journey and you can get an overview by going through some steps to develop a “Microsoft Stream view app” for your sessions and other events in just a few steps -

  1. Let’s start by signing up for power apps from the Power app portal.

  2. Next, once done with setting up your account you can start by clicking on “create canvas app from blank”.

  3. We can move forward by giving a name and a type saying “phone” to your app.

  4. Let’s now start by giving a header name to your app by clicking on the “+” (insert) icon on the left > Display > test label.



  5. Then let’s drag and drop our streaming component from Media > Microsoft Stream and then in “advanced” you can share your Stream URL.



  6. You can further customize your app by adding a logo or text or services like Timer or Form.



  7. You can complete the app by making sure you’ve saved it (you can also save a backup in local storage as well) and then it’s time to demonstrate the app.

  8. Eureka! you can preview your app to demonstrate either by F5 or Preview option on the top right of the portal.



If you wanna move more into the power-verse then you can check out Microsoft Learn modules with insightful hands-on exercises and lessons to build more model-driven power apps: 


I’ll be speaking at Microsoft Reactor, Bangalore(India) on 24th august sharing a detailed and project-driven session on Power Automate and AI Builder for Machine Learning driven Automate flows, if you are interested then RSVP HERE.

Reactor Session.png

I truly appreciate and am grateful to @Lee Stott for the opportunity to advocate this highly impactful and emerging technology. I’ll be looking forward to the amazing projects and solutions the readers will come up with as the possibilities of innovation are countless. Tweet your ideas and projects to me on Twitter or LinkedIn and feel free to reach out for any query. 

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