Developing a quantum-ready workforce - Microsoft Quantum Educators Programme
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Developing a quantum-ready workforce


Create opportunities for students to learn, contribute, and build the future of quantum computing. Join universities and educators globally who are using world-class Azure Quantum curricula and resources to advance learning in the field of quantum and to meet the current and growing need for a workforce skilled in quantum.

Enhance student learning in quantum computing courses with:

  • The latest quantum hardware from a single cloud service—including trapped-ion, superconducting, and cold atom qubit approaches from providers such as IonQ and Quantinuum.
  • The ability to write once and run on multiple platforms.
  • Q# for high-performance runtime and resource estimation.
  • The flexibility to choose your language and SDK with native Qiskit and Cirq support.
  • Ready-to-teach, university-level curricula including programming exercises for quantum computing courses.
  • $500 in free Azure Quantum credits for all students—and larger grants up to $10,000 for educators.

Additionally, collaborate with other educators by joining the Azure Quantum Network—promoting workforce development programmes, developing new educational approaches, and participating in exciting hacks and contests.

Students can start their hands-on exploration of quantum hardware for free with Azure Quantum credits.

Discover ready-to-teach, university-level quantum curricula

Augment your current curriculum or develop new course materials with classroom-tested content from Azure Quantum.

Course materials include:

  • Full syllabus for a 14-week course.
  • Lecture slides on quantum computing.
  • Automatically graded programming assignments focused on solving quantum computing problems of varying complexity.
  • Programming assignments covering debugging of quantum programmes, resource estimation of quantum programmes, and running quantum programmes on quantum hardware.
  • Ideas for final projects and examples of final projects done by actual students.

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Promote learning and workforce development in the field of quantum computing with teaching and other resources from Azure Quantum

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