Creating your Microsoft Learn Profile and combine your student to personal profile
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Why do I need a profile?

Although profile creation is not required to access the content on the site, the benefits of signing in are:

Can I carry my profile regardless of my employment status?

Yes, but only if your Microsoft Learn profile has a personal account linked to it. If only your work/school account is linked to your profile and your employment status changes, causing you to lose access to authenticate with the work/school account, you will lose access to your Microsoft Learn profile.
In order to carry profile with you regardless of your employment status, make sure to link your personal account to your profile. You can "Add account" on profile settings page.

You can have up to five school/work accounts and one personal account linked to your profile. You can use any linked account to sign in and access your profile.

Can I merge my student/educator account and personal account?

Yes! Assume you have profile A which is your personal profile  and profile B which is your academic profile, you are able to merge your completions and achievements of profile B into profile A by clicking "add account" on the profile settings page when signed into Profile A. After merging, only profile A will exist as both profiles learning history will be combined. The merging logic is as following:

  • Your learning history and achievements will be merged, with duplicates removed, from profile B into profile A. Again once your graduate and loose access to your academic email address and login all your learning history will be saved to your personal profile.
  • Your Q&A contributions and activities will be merged, with duplicates removed, from profile B into profile A. Note that the data for who/what you are following on our Q&A platform won't be merged. Please make a note of who/what you are following on profile B, and manually re-follow after the merge is complete.
  • Your linked accounts will be merged from profile B into profile A. Note: if the limit of "up to five school or work accounts and one personal account" is exceeded during the merge process, your merge request will be cancelled. If this happens, you'll need to resolve this issue before trying again.
  • Your saved items and joined challenges will be merged, with duplicates removed, from profile B into profile A.
  • Private profile mode will be enabled if any of the two profiles has this setting turned on.
  • All other settings will remain unchanged in profile A and editable on profile settings page anytime.

Where is my profile?

Sign in and access your profile page on Microsoft Learn. If you haven't ever created a Microsoft Learn profile, you will can sign in and create one.

What is XP?

XP or "eXperience points" measure your achievements in completing Microsoft Learn training content. You can view the amount of awarded XP next to the title of each learning path, module, and unit.

What are badges?

Badges are achievements that you earn when you finish a module. These awards appear on your profile, and you can share them through social media and other channels.

What are trophies?

Trophies are granted when you finish a learning path. They also appear on your Learn user profile, and you can share them through social media and other channels.

How do I edit my Microsoft Learn profile?

You can edit your profile on the Microsoft Learn profile settings page.

What information in my profile is publicly viewable?

When you create a Microsoft Learn profile, it is publicly accessible at the URL<your-username>. Your display name, achievements (including level, badges, and trophies), and activities are displayed. Any Collections you have created are also publicly viewable via its URL. You can hide your profile from public, by switching on Private Mode on the profile settings page.

Can I download a copy of all my user data?

Yes. You can do it in the "Download your data" section on the profile settings page.

How do I delete my user data?

If you want to delete all your user data in Microsoft Learn, it will be completely removed and not recoverable.

You can do it in "Delete your profile" section on the profile settings page. The deletion will delete all user data saved by Microsoft Learn platform (e.g. your learning history and achievement, Q&A contributions and activities, saved items and joined challenges, etc), but won't impact your Microsoft identity or certification data.

How do I change my password?

Microsoft Learn doesn't manage passwords for you. This is done using the standard Microsoft account (MSA or AAD) processes. If you need to change your Microsoft account password, see this guide.

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