Create and Deploy a Healthcare Chatbot with Azure Health Bot: Step-by-Step Guide
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Hey all, I'm John 22 years old Senior Computer Engineering student at Modern Academy for Engineering, Full-Stack Developer Nanodegree Session Lead at Udacity, Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador.

In this demo, I will guide you through creating a Healthcare chatbot and then how we can deploy it in some very simple steps.

No Programming/Coding background needed!


An Azure subscription.

Summary of the steps:

Step 1: Open your Azure Portal and Sign in
Step 2: Create an Azure Health Bot Instance
Step 3: Create a Mental Health Bot using templates
Step 4: Deploy it to the internet using its Endpoint


Step 1: Open your Azure Portal and Sign in

Go to and sign in.




Choose your preferred account and proceed

Now you are inside the Azure portal!




Step 2: Create an Azure Health Bot Instance

Search for Azure Health bot and select it.




Click on Create in order to create a new instance from the service




What do you need in order to create it?

  • Azure Subscription (learn more: here)
  • Azure Resource Group (learn more: here)
  • Name (Unique name that matches the constraints for naming on Azure)
  • Region (Choose the region closest to you and your customers)
  • Plan (learn more: here)

then Click Review + Create.



Wait for the deployment to finish then click on Go to resource.




Step 3: Create a Mental Health Bot using templates

Open the health bot management portal using the Management portal link



Choose switch to template catalog to select the template that we need



You can find multiple templates each one of the templates can be used to create a separate chatbot and you can choose to build your custom template.



For this demo, we will Scroll down and choose the mental health screener you can choose anything you want. 
Click open.



Click on Import from the pop-up window that opened.



Congratulations you have created your first healthcare bot!!
You can test it from the chat window on the right of the screen.



Step 4: Deploy it to the internet using its Endpoint

Fork this repo provided by Microsoft as a simple deployable container website that allows users to communicate with the Azure Health Bot through a WebChat.



Click on Deploy to Azure after you create a fork from the repository readme.
No need to edit anything in the repo!




Choose the same resource group we used for creating the Azure health bot



You may leave the configuration parameters as it is and not change them or tweak them how you like that’s totally up to you!
But it’s important to add your chatbot credentials which are:

  • App Secret
  • Webchat Secret


You can find the secrets required inside the Azure health bot management portal under the Integration tab from the left side panel then choose secrets and keys and scroll down.



Add them and click on Review + Create



Now you can create your deployed web chat just wait for the deployment to finish after you click on create.



Once the deployment is finished You need to open the Web App Page and get the default domain

It will be something like this:




You can test the deployed website and share it with others to test it and give you their feedback!



Thank you for following along... you can learn more at Create intelligent health bots with Azure Health Bot - Training | Microsoft Learn

See you in future demos!


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