Build your first Microsoft 365 app in 10 minutes
Published Oct 06 2022 12:26 AM 2,511 Views

If you're a web developer, there's an exciting opportunity for you to build applications for Microsoft 365, which many organizations across the world use for work. Let me show you, how you can use your existing skills and build your first application that integrates with Microsoft 365 in just 10 minutes.


What's Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a set of applications, like Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Word, or SharePoint, that organizations use for work. Every day, millions of people use Microsoft 365 to chat, meet, send emails, create documents, and more.


But Microsoft 365 isn't just a set of apps. It's also a platform that enables developers, like yourself, to build applications. These apps can tap into data and insights stored on Microsoft 365 and bring them into people's workflows.


Building for a platform

Building for a platform isn't trivial. It comes with all kinds of specific knowledge you have to have like what tooling, SDKs, and APIs to use, how to integrate your app, and finally how to package and distribute it. What many people forget though, is that you don't have to learn everything about everything at once. Often, you can start simple and build up from there.


Build your first Microsoft 365 app in just 10 minutes

Recently, I published an article on freeCodeCamp that shows you how you can build your first Microsoft 365 app in just 10 minutes.




Sure, the app is simple and doesn't do much, but when building it, you'll learn the fundamental concepts of building apps on Microsoft 365. And after these 10 minutes, you'll have a functional app that works and retrieves data from Microsoft 365, and which you can use as a starting point for more complex apps.


Give it a try, and we're looking forward to hearing what you think.

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