Automate repetitive tasks using loops in Power Automate for desktop at Microsoft Ignite
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Join us for a medley of modules during Microsoft Ignite 2022 on the 14th of October 2022. You will have a chance to learn LIVE, ask questions from our presenters and gain knowledge to help you complete the learn module while upskilling on Power Automate Desktop. Our session will be showing you how to Automate repetitive tasks using loops in Power Automate for desktop. Join our session at Microsoft Ignite 2022 registering and adding this session to your schedule: Learn Live Automate repetitive tasks using loops in Power Automate for desktop


Who is it aimed at? 

  • Developers of all stripes
  • Entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and IT Pros looking to for the latest tech
  • Students or learning professionals interested in learning more about the newest tech


Why should you attend? 

  • You will understand how to use simple loops to perform a given number of repetitions and iterate through data with Power Automate desktop
  •  You will understand how to deploy loop conditions in order to repeat actions until a condition is met
  •  You will understand how iterate through the items of a list using for each loops.
  •  Earn badges by completing the Learn Module


Speaker Bio

Someleze Diko (Cloud Advocate)
Someleze is a young individual that is passionate about upskilling people from different communities using the different technologies at his disposal through being involved with initiatives that upskill and empower people. Today, he is an M365 and Power Platform Cloud Advocate at Microsoft focusing on upskilling students and communities through the Microsoft Power Platform. Before becoming a Cloud Advocate, Someleze was a Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador in which he worked closely with other ambassadors to learn, upskill and empower students in different communities through hosting sessions that cover different Microsoft Technologies. He also served as a United Nations Peace Ambassador a long side his team from Artpeace.


Japhlet Nwamu (Cloud Advocate)

Japhlet Nwamu is a Cloud Advocate with the Next Generation Experiences team at Microsoft. He is passionate about empowering the world bit by bit and helping others achieve more with technology. Japhlet believes that everyone when giving access to the right tools and opportunities can innovate and build solutions to sone of the world's biggest problems.

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