Work-profile sync error in Edge Version 85.0.564.8 dev (64 bit)

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I have an error that I can't sync my Work profile favorites and passwords to one of my two work account profiles I've added to the browser. 

See attached image. 


I got some sync error, but I've read some in the docs:



Currently Microsoft Edge sync for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) accounts is available for the following subscriptions:

  • Azure AD Premium (P1 and P2)
  • M365 Business Premium
  • Office 365 E3 and above
  • Azure Information Protection (AIP) (P1& P2)
  • All EDU subscriptions (O365 A1 or above, M365 A1 or above, or Azure Information Protection P1 or P2 for Students or Faculty)


Can the error be because I have both M365 Business Basic and M365 Business Premium licenses to my account? (The problem is that Business Basic is added via a AD-group that is needed for my account to work, and can't be removed). 
or is the error because I have MFA activated on the account? 

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@JonasRR Thanks for reaching out. I'll ask the Sync team and let you know if they have any insights to share.


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@JonasRR The Sync team said that they'd need to see logs to know definitively, so instead they recommended looking into the configuration options. If that doesn't help, they asked you to reach out to our Support team, who should have all the tools needed to troubleshoot.


Hopefully that helps!


Fawkes (they/them)
Program Manager & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

@Deleted I’m still having error after a 3 hours troubleshooting call with M365 support. Then they just point me to: . 
I then made a individual case but they just redirected me to add a business support case instead. Since we don’t have any business support access-ID for Software Assurance Access (of that I know), it will cost $499 to troubleshoot this case for our non profit organization, and that budget we don’t have at all. 
So I guess I will always have to live with this server error... :crying_face:


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