Why is there an information badge without any reason on the favourites icon in the toolbar

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From many days I am seeing in the canary channel that sometimes without no reason, an information badge appears on the favourites icon in the toolbar but when I open the menu or go on the favourites page, I don't see any difference so I think it comes without any reason and if it comes with a reason, please make it more specific so that the user can understand easily what has happened.


2020-09-01 (2).png

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@TheShaunSaw I believe that's informing you about the favorites deduplicator that got added.  If you click the entry to remove duplicates, it should go away.  


Yes, that did the work. Can you ask the favourites team to please add the same information badge on the right of the remove duplicate favourites option in the favourites menu so the user can understand what has happened easily?

@TheShaunSaw if you look incredibly closely, there actually is one there, it's just almost invisible!  I'm fairly certain that's a bug, so I'll definitely let them know.