Unable to get access to Microsoft Account - HELP!

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I hope someone can point me in the right direction.  We have a Microsoft Account that was recently locked due to 'unusual activity'.  Password needs to be changed in order to unlock it.


Problem #1 - The phone registered to the account was deactivated a couple of months ago so the verification text cannot be recieved. We checked with Verizon to see if they could temporarily reactivate but they are unable to because it's been over 50 days.


So far, Microsoft support has been completly useless and it's starting to look like recovery of this account is impossible.


Proplem #2 - This accound has a 2 year pre-paid subscription to Xbox Ultimate and HUNDREDS of games purchaed on it.  "Can't be done is not a viable answer"


We've completed the "form" several times already providing the Xbox ID and other info as requsted.  Response (seemingly from a chat bot) is always the same, "You did not provide enough information...."


Good God, there must be some way that a HUMAN could validate this information!


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello brobbins67!

While this is not the right forum for this request (you are posting in the Edge Insider forum, which is for beta testers of the Microsoft Edge browser), I'll attempt to provide some assistance. *Please note that I am NOT a Microsoft employee and do not have access to their systems.*

1) It sounds like you don't have the Microsoft Authenticator app set up. Did you have any other email account linked to this account that could be used to receive an authentication code?

2) Are you still able to access the account on the Xbox hardware?

3) Do you use this account on any other PC or device?

4) Have you tried the steps listed in this article? You can use any cell phone number to receive a security code when attempting to unlock your account.

4a) Xbox also provides some information on recovering your account at the following link. They also provide phone support daily and 24/7 web chat support.

I hope this helps!

Anthony S.