UI/UX problem in Edge with RTL languages (Right to Left)




notice anything strange? the place of Edge side bar and vertical tabs is changed when you use a language in Edge that supports Right-to-left.

this is very annoying. I want to use a language that supports RTL but I don't want the location of everything in Edge to change.

it's not just these 2 elements, everything in Edge UI changes. the location of tabs, the address bar, favorite bar, the menu, everything.


there really needs to be an option to keep Edge in Left-to-Right format (LTR) and still use any language we want in Edge, it's a must have.

the location of buttons and UI are something that I'm used to, when it becomes RTL, everything goes haywire and I get lost.


I'm sending this using feedback button on Edge, if you happen to be using a RTL language or know it, please try it and send a feedback from your browser too.

let's get this fixed.

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