Tab Groups - hide/unhide?

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I like the Tab Groups feature, however it would be much more useful if you could hide and unhide the groups.  Maybe with a simple double click of the tab name.  and a double click on the name to bring it back.


(If you don't have it on go to: edge://flags/ then search 'tab groups')


This could even be incorporated with tab sleeping so that when you hide the group, it puts it to sleep.

At a minimum I have a bunch of tabs open for work, and a bunch for personal and I try to group them.  You could also create a group for researching/buying something like a car.  Or a certain work task, etc.

Or could someone develop an extension that could do this hiding/unhiding of groups?

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I want this too. Chrome added this to their tab groups a while ago but the way I see it, Edge team hasn't really worked on Tab Groups on Edge yet.
+1 I want it as well

Yeah,@vudean2355 you're right.

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@HotCakeX   @Kam @Rohit Yadav 

They added it!!! They actually added it!  They actually listened! One click and you can hide and unhide the group in the latest Edge Dev version!  I wonder if it puts it to sleep too?

I love you Microsoft! (not sure I thought I'd ever say that) :)

Oh wow, thanks for letting us know, it's really great news.
I really hope this was intentional and wasn't just an accidental update that came from Chromium and so hopefully it will not be removed in future update.

now to perfect this feature, they need to add one more feature from Chrome, which is to automatically create tab groups instead of user manually creating them.

so if you visit this website and then right-click on a link to open it in a new tab, Chrome automatically creates a tab group and puts your current tab and the newly opened tab into that group for you.