Surface Pen doesn't open touch keyboard

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Been happening since edge chromium was first available, currently running Edge Dev
Touch keyboard doesn't open when a text field is touched with the pen, works with a finger and touching the keyboard icon in the taskbar will also bring it up


Edit: noticed it's fixed as of dev 82.0.453.2

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Hi @obi55, I don't have a Surface pen to try this with, but I will send this report on to the team that does Windows integration.  Thanks - Elliot

@obi55 What site is this issue happening on? Also, is this the case when keyboard is attached/detached?
it happens on every text field in the browser, even the address bar, settings, etc
whether the keyboard is attached or detached


Hi obi55,

I can confirm this issue, happens on both my machines (surface, Windows 10 v1903 & non-surface tablet with active stylus, Windows 8.1). 

Then pen doesn't fire up the virtual keyboard, neither in address-bar nor any text- or input-fields. 

And worst of all, starting with Canary v80.0.318.0, even touching with the finger to bring up the keyboard is broken now :(



@Neon01 @obi55 



I created a bug and we'll be taking a look at it once we are done with existing commitments. 


FYI, the SIP showing up in response to pen/touch is expected only when there is no hardware keyboard is attached. If the keyboard is attached it is by design that the SIP would not go up.

@Neon01 I just tested touch issue on 80.0.319 Canary and the SIP shows up as expected (with no hardware keyboard attached). 


@Grisha_L  For users who are not on a surface and there is a keyboard attached at all times is there anything we can do?

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@Grisha_L I can also confirm this happens in every text field within the browser regardless of physical keyboard being attached or detached. This also occurs regardless of tablet mode or not.

@Gianito123 Nos podrías pasar el link de esa extensión para poder investigar el problema? Gracias por el apoyo!



This happens to me as well, every input text regardless of using type cover or even tablet mode. 

It happens in Chrome as well so I assume that is a chromium issue.

This is very annoying because I like to use the pen as input.

Thank you.

@Emanuel_Ramos I don't know what changed and it's not the perfect solution. Now I can tap a text field with my finger and that will open up the typing interface. May have been around for a while but I don't remember if I tried originally.

yeah using finger's always been working, I mentioned it in the original post @tyler42

@tyler42 sorry for late reply. Currently, there is nothing that we can do. It is the os policy that we have no control over. The good news is that they are looking into ways to provide users more control of software keyboard behavior through windows settings. When it is going to be shipped though is unknown. Most likely, no sooner than in 2021.




It is still not working for me. Did you change anything?

It's driving me crazy...

Hi @Grisha_L 



This problem seems had fixed on Jun 2020. But I'm still having this problem now. It happens even when I reply this message. I cannot open the virtual keyboard using Surface pen at all time, sometimes even cannot work with finger touch. It is truly annoying and makes the whole tablet idea incomplete. I am unable to do all the jobs without a physical keyboard.  

it seems the problem has been fixed today! that's very great!
emm, I recall my words. Today the touch keyboard does not pop up again.
If using edge, the window dragging works fine with surface pen. If using Chrome, the window dragging does not work.
Both browsers cannot use surface pen to call out touch keyboard.
I think there is a bug which I somehow bypassed it once, and both the dragging and keyboard works with surface pen.
One more bug I found is related to the 'touch keyboard called by touching'. If I touch in the dialog box, the keyboard will pop up. But if I touch again , the keyboard will dismiss. I have to touch it again to call out the keyboard.

@AdamZ220 I am following up on keyboard invocation with pen fixes. What are exact steps to reproduce the issues are having?


One more bug I found is related to the 'touch keyboard called by touching'. If I touch in the dialog box, the keyboard will pop up. But if I touch again , the keyboard will dismiss. I have to touch it again to call out the keyboard.

This seem to have been fixed in the upcoming Windows release. The fix is also being backported into few previous releases. I am checking with the OS team to find out what those releases are and timelines.