Still no scroll bars on New Tab/Start page! Can't be just me!

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Ever since Edge Chromium was released, there have been no scroll bars on the New Tab/Start pages. I have reported this numerous times and it still has not been fixed. This problem makes it almost impossible to read the news on that page. I would like to use the Dev version for my default browser, but I am tired of going back to regular Edge to read the news. Am I the only one that has this problem? I know a lot of people have their own start pages, but I like the furnished one. I would think you would want to fix that just to leave a better impression for new users. If they can't use that page and don't know how to change it, they are going to be unhappy. Please fix this! It can't be that difficult to fix.

Thanks, Mike

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it's true that there is no scroll bars present in the new tab page but it never caused any problems for me or other family members that use Edge insider canary. i just use the mouse scroll button to scroll down to the news or in case of touch based devices, scroll down with a finger.
am i missing something here?

@HotCakeX  No, you are not missing anything, but I have my mouse set to scroll by pages, not by lines and I don't want to have to keep changing that setting just so I can read the news. Almost every page on the internet has scroll bars and I expect this one to be no different. Users might think twice about using a browser that doesn't have scroll bars on the start page. I don't think Microsoft wants that either. 

There is a button at the bottom of the page called "personalized news & more" you can press it and it will take you to the news section.
how did you set your mouse scroll button to scroll by pages?


Hi Mike & welcome,

"Please fix this! It can't be that difficult to fix.", Mike 
The degree of difficulty is a moot point as there is nothing to fix, in the 1st place.

The old saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies here. There is no recognition of a 'problem' needing to be 'fixed'. One can certainly & very easily scroll down the New page & view the news items without a scroll bar... there isn't one, true, nor any need, so, it isn't seen a problem needing fixing; a likely theory on how the Team may be viewing this.  You can save a wee bit of scrolling by hitting the button circled below which, pulls the news up to the top & then scroll down from there for more news items. Scrolling (anywhere) does not require a bar.




Well you might not have a problem with the design on the new tab page but clearly OP has and that's why he posted in this forum.
adding a scroll bar to the new tab page would help his situation. Windows users have lots of possibilities to customize their OS and how they interact with it. it's called personalization.
would be great if not a single user was left behind and everybody enjoyed the new Edge browser.

No, I don't accept that! Scroll bars are basic and need to be included on EVERY page. Users shouldn't have to find a work around on their own. For a page to be functional, it has to have scroll bars period. As for the picture you included,
As far as the picture goes, I don't know what you are pointing to, but if you talking about the line that starts with My Feed, then all those pages have no scroll bars either.
@HotCakeX To change the way the mouse scrolls go to SETTINGS/DEVICES/MOUSE and the second item on that page allows you to change it to one screen at a time or you can tell it to scroll multiple lines and use the slider to select the number.
You're totally right. with your explanation now i fully understand your problem and it is a Valid one.
if Microsoft decided not to include a scroll bar on the new tag page for the sake of aesthetics but at least they could have added it to the news section. so when you clicked on that button and it took you to the news, a scroll bar would appear and you could use it to review the news.

i just went to main page MSN news
and it has scrollbar!
so for the same reason there is a scroll bar on that site, adding the same scrollbar to the news section of the new tab page is justified.
Thank you, i never paid attention to that before, now i think i can use it too


Too bad you sound quite upset.  Any page can be scrolled with a bar or any need for one, even though you fell one is required.  Pointing you to the button circled in red.  As stated, it saves some scrolling as it pops the News to the top for you. Here it is again.  Tip: Think you need to look a wee bit further down.  Looking for ⬇ Personalized news & more buttonNot, the words/links below it.


You're right, I am upset. I have always used Edge since the beginning and really don't want to switch to Chrome or Firefox. I have used both of them for a time and just didn't like them for various reasons. Removing something as basic as scroll bars is NOT something I would expect Microsoft to do. To me, it makes the page look unprofessional. Microsoft has a chance here to get a bigger share of the browser market, but for me, this issue is a deal breaker. Regular Edge has them, so when they ported the page to the Chromium version, something happened that removed the scroll bars. It's hard to believe that Microsoft did it on purpose.

As for the personalized news and more button, I found it, but I had to change the page settings from custom to focused. Even then, when I click on it, the page doesn't have scroll bars, so I don't think that is going to help my situation, but thanks for letting me know.

I'll just keep hoping Microsoft fixes it, so that I can go back to using one browser, instead of switching back to regular Edge to read the news.

Or, Mike, one could scroll via the mouse wheel and stay in one same browser. Also, Edge C is far from finished. And, here's another thought /suggestion for you.  It would mean using ONE browser and an app which, of course, can be pinned to your task bar AND it has a scroll bar :happyface: (I didn't mark it, but, it's easy to see in the usual spot) You guessed it, it's the News app; it's, even, a default app, meaning, already, in your OS, you don't, even, have to fetch it from Store.  Maybe, you'll fancy the idea, this approach for yourself. Seems would give you something you'd like & enjoy without involving 2 browser windows...Plus, remember, there will not be Edge C and Edge (forever) as eventually Edge C replaces Edge.



That doesn't fix the problem.
you can read my comment again to find out why.
it only solves half of the problem. the news section is still missing the scroll bar.



Microsoft removed scrollbar from the new tab page for Aesthetic purposes but when the user scrolls down to the News section, they should be presented with one but it's missing here.



Annotation 2019-09-11 111454.png


I guess that what the OP is trying to said is that there is no scroll bar to scroll up. 

For me personally I it annoying to scroll the mouse all the up to reach the upper part of the news if I scroll it too far down. 

Having a scroll bar would be nice that I capable to scroll up fast. 


Although, the same can be accomplished via the Home key or the Page Up key (or Page Down, for that matter).  Granted, still, the 'missing' bar that's an issue for some, but, just another way of scrolling additionally to bars & wheels.  

Oh & by the way, just as an aside, I have been using a Scroll to Top button (extension).  May as well mention it; pretty cool & handy/helpful. One can fetch it from the MS (Edge C) Store right HERE.  Except it doesn't function on the NTP, of course; good ole Murphy's Law, eh?


His main concern is for scrolling down to the news section but sure if you have no scrollbar you can neither scroll down nor up.

I fully agree with the mouse scrolling comment. What I really would like is a back to top button like the one on this particular page we are on now. @Limyx826 .


If that;'s true, it is the most stupid move ever! Scroll bars are hidden when they are not in use, so what difference does that make? Bad move!