Some parts of the Privacy Sandbox land on Edge Canary

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which was added today to Edge 

Version 89.0.749.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)
it's one of many privacy-related features for Privacy Sandbox, the goal of which is to ultimately get rid of 3rd party cookies.


Use First-Party Sets

First-Party Sets are sets of registrable domains (or origins). The browser uses these sets to allow websites that have multiple domains to treat their related domains as if they were first-party domains. This enables less restricted cross-domain communication across all the domains in a First-Party Set.

– Mac, Windows, Linux


Enable domains to belong to the same first party 

Goal: Enable entities to declare that related domain names are owned by the same first party.

Many organizations own sites across multiple domains. This can become a problem if restrictions are imposed on tracking user identity across sites that are seen as 'third-party' but actually belong to the same organization.

  • First Party Sets aims to make the web's concept of first and third parties more closely aligned with the real world's by enabling multiple domains to declare themselves as belonging to the same first party.
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What do You think?


in my opinion, Google isn't the best company to advocate privacy. they gather the most data themselves from users.

Google Trackers are on the top of the list of blocked trackers in Edge.





you see, from all the websites I visited, 228 of them contained 55 different types of Google trackers. the interesting part is that I only use Google products and Google account for YouTube, that's it, I use no other Google product, service or website.

so the rest of those websites are 3rd parties that host Google trackers.