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Thanks to everyone for your feedback, we know that opening links from external apps hasn’t been the greatest experience for users with multiple profiles. We’re excited to announce that Microsoft Edge now supports selecting a default profile to open external links in builds 81.0.411.0 and higher. So now, you can ensure that when you click links from another app, those links open in the profile of your selection.


To select a default profile to open external links, do the following:

1.       Navigate to edge://settings

2.       Select the "Multiple profile preferences" option (Note: This will only show if you have multiple profiles.)

3.       Use the drop down menu to select which profile you'd like external links to open with.











We hope that this helps make your experience opening links from external apps better. Let us know what you think! If there’s anything you feel could improve this, we’d love to know.

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@USMA56795 thanks for helping out. Yes @zaki-yama, reporting a bug would be super helpful here :)

@Avi Vaid 

Thank you.

I reported it!

I wrote feedback about this in the new feedback portal; please upvote.

@MarinM Great idea.  Done!