Problems accessing sites except in InPrivate mode


I started using Edge a couple of months ago and have recently discovered that there are a couple of websites that I can only access when in InPrivate mode. They are different types of sites:


 - Two of our internal Sharepoint sites only show me the backend of the site (with the components/folders), and I don't own those sites. Other Sharepoint sites I can access fine.

 - Our company recognition site (not on Sharepoint). It just spins like it is trying to log me in.

 - Our Concur travel and expense site. I can do my expenses and get to the travel section, but when I try to find flights, it gives me an error.


For all of these cases, they work just fine in InPrivate and in Chrome. Any ideas why this might be happening? Thanks!

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Hey there! 


Since you're seeing sites work in In Private but not in normal browsing, it's likely this is caused by an extension or a cookie/cache issue.


Do you happen to be running any extensions? Even if it seems like they wouldn't interfere with this, it's worth checking by disabling all extensions temporarily and visiting one of the sites in question. 


If that doesn't solve it, try clearing your cache/cookies and visiting the site again! (edge://settings/clearBrowserData in the address bar will bring you right there)



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I had previously tried clearing my cache and cookies and that didn't work. I just turned off all my extensions and that didn't work. The only one I can't turn off is the McAfee security one. That is controlled by our company.
Thanks for checking! Do you know, by chance, if other folks at your company also run into the same issue? Have you spoken to your company's IT about this?

It's worth checking if you're getting a blocked cookies notification or any other feedback for the sites above. If you click the lock next to the address you can check what permissions are set or restricted for the sites. I'd also check if you're using strict tracking prevention at edge://settings/privacy. If so, try balanced and see if you're still hitting the error.
IT is my next stop. I figured I would ask the Edge experts first. Thanks!