problem on Surface Duo 2 Canary and Dev

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Canary version 115.0.1867.0 still has the issue of going to the background whenever launched on Microsoft Surface Duo 2 .We are two weeks into it not working. the problem has migrated to Dev.. the problem started with trying to open a new Tab , Dev has this problem now for a week.


Please fix this.

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I don't even get as far as opening a tab on Duo OG. Just goes to background, tries to reopen but just displays graphic saying something went wrong.
I apologize for the delayed response. I'm wondering if you're still having this issue on the latest Canary build V.115.0.1879.0?

It is only on Dev to get to be able to touch tab.Canary lost that ability to go that far almost two weeks ago? about the time Dev got broken. I expect Dev will no longer load to for ground within a week.I'm betting beta gets broken soon


Update, Dev is now fully broken.

Dev now has exact same issue as Canary.When you Launch it, it goes to background. if you try to bring it forward from the task list, it crashes.

Canary version 115.0.1877.0
Dev version 115.0.1865.0
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Thanks for the update. As I understand it, a fix was pushed for this issue in Canary build V.115.0.1879.0. Please let us know if you're still experiencing this after updating to the latest build.
I just installed the update. I can confirm the issue is fixed on Canary. thank you for responding to this; Duo users feel left out in the Cold rain sometimes by Microsoft product groups. I am glad that you guys fixed this. I was worried it would make it all the way to full release version.
Excellent, I'm glad to see the new build resolved the issue. As always, thank you for taking the time to make these reports!
just keep in mind, Dev is still broken on the same way.