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1) Today i talk about a problem that i already reported to Google **1137157&hotlist_id=10394 and i see frequently in Edge too. I search i search and i search extension in the toolbar or extension box and i never find it. Since i have over 250 profiles, sometimes is difficult to remember if i installed it or not. So i try to reinstall the extension, and then i get such message. So Edge deactivated my extension.


Like i asked to Google, i wish you could add a new panel for deactivated extensions and a way to reactivate at once all extensions.


2) Similar problem is ***1134182&hotlist_id=10394 about deactivated extension after sync activation



which i have never seen until now in Edge (hope i will never see too). In case this happens in Edge too, add ability to approve all extensions at once, instead of showing me 20+ notifications for each edge profile. If you implement the deactivate panel like 1) we would fix this problem too. 

3) since we are talking about extensions, i report you *1144126&hotlist_id=10394 another problem i noted recently in chrome, in the hope that edge dev can fix it, if this problem is available in edge too. i noted this problem even with 360chrome.



8+ minutes where you simply showed me 200 notifications about extensions crash. Please check that you avoid to show me 1000 messages if there is a total crash.

At least in google was automatically, in 360chrome i needed to approve each crash one by one; after 20 i relaunched the browser (much faster).


4) about google chrome removed extension topic ***1143025&hotlist_id=10394


i haven't tested this in edge until now (or i have never seen such message), but would be cool that edge is able to sync deleted extensions (marked as malware by google) from chrome store (extensions, that are not available in edge store). Or to sync manual added extensions. we all know that google delete extensions in batch, would be cool that we can still use such extensions, that worked fine for months. Maybe you are already able to do that, or maybe not. I will test this in future.


There are other problem with chrome, but not related to the topic extensions, so i prefer to report such problems only once i see in edge too. 



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Personally i don't think it's a problem who must be solved with a priority of 6, this real priority is not even 1 because it's not a normal use to have more than 2 hundred profile and i don't see why Edge have to check you chrome extension who come from the chrome webstore.

Like i already said to you, edge is designed for normal user and entreprise, not for tech heavy user.

So i think this "problem" have to wait a lot of time.
This isn't even heavy tech usage, but rather strange usage.
Edge can be used for heavy usage, no problem. but things being suggested here are not normal. like tuning all extensions off/on at the same time and not expecting any message.
obviously each extension generate message and they can open web pages too.