Popup Windows Open Off Screen

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Ever since I started using the Dev channel Edge, new popup windows open partially off screen.  I have to rt click Edge in the task bar, select move and then use the keyboard to move it back on screen.  This does not have in Chrome, Win 10 Edge or IE.


Any suggestions?

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This seems like Windows behavior. Usually this is the case if the last window was in that position when it closed.  Try closing all Microsoft Edge windows, then opening just one browser window, move it to the place you want it and then close it.  When you relaunch Microsoft Edge, it should open in that same spot. Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk Thanks for the suggestion but that was the first thing I tried.  The last window I usually close is my main Edge window with numerous tabs.  That has never made a difference.  As I was typing a reply to this, I thought that I might want to minimize the window instead of it being full screen, just for giggles.  It made absolutely no difference.


When I first open Edge, it opens as it was when I closed it.  However, popups still open partially off screen.

Thanks for trying that @Gr8BrittonBEA. Can you share a site that has pop-ups that are behaving this way.  I will then check in both Chromium and Chrome Canary and if it is a problem only in Microsoft Edge, I will open a bug on the issue. Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk As a test, here is a popup test page: http://www.popupcheck.com/advanced-pop-up-test.asp and try number (1).  

Any update on a solution for this issue? Popup windows are appearing offscreen within the browser. Moving the window and closing the window does not fix the issue. Thank you.

Any update?  This is happening in my environment as well.  @chavo0401 



Use "cascade windows" to bring the window into view. When you have the window sized and located like you want, hold down the shift key at the same time as clicking red X to close. This fixed our issue of Edge opening partially off screen.