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I understand there may be reason higher up the corporate ladder for wanting the inclusion of the Microsoft News Feed permanently in one way or another but please add an option to completely remove the bar at the bottom of the new tab page. It's ugly and obtrusive and ultimately kind of ruins the idea of the 'Inspirational' or 'Focused' layout being what they are describing. The News Feed is the Number one reason for the people I know refusing the switch to Old Edge. It will cripple the initial adoption of New Edge when it eventually released to market. Untitled.png


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Thank you for the feedback @Cameron_Bush! I have sent it along to the owners of the new tab page.
I like the new tab page except that it forces me to have a favorites bar at the top, even when I checked this to be off in settings for the browser itself. Can we have the option to have a new tab page without the favorites bar?

@SD777 The Favourites Bar can be removed in the Edge Dev branch and higher.

Settings > Appearance > Show favourites bar

Just turn that toggle off and voila, no favourites bar. 

Even checking that off the favorites bar still persists in the new tab windows, this is actually the same as it was in the old MS Edge and just was really annoying. 


I've never been thrilled with the new tab page and was hoping MS would revamp it.  Forced favorites bar, forced Bing search, you can't darken the page with extensions like Dark Reader, etc.  


Coudn't agree more, there should be an option to remove it.

Yup, @Cameron_Bush. I think that having more options to choose your experience is always better. Especially when it takes a bit of time to render that extra tid bit or the code that will be rendering those news articles when you scroll down. Every little bit adds the the time and responsiveness and it makes the experience better when everyone has a choice of what they want.

On the new tab page, select the three bars (top right) and go to Custom. From there you can remove the bits you don't want. Richard

@RichardUK There is no option to remove it, you can only put it behind a scroll. image.png


None of the often condescending ideas about improvement of Edge, or working around it are successful. I am FORCED to use Outlook by my college, or trust me I would not. If I open a link in Outlook, it FORCES Edge to open, where it inevitable fails. Microsoft - I OWN my computer, I paid for, I should have the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to remove ANY software I choose FOR ANY REASON.  I want Edge gone FOREVER. I don't understand why you can't grasp this concept. 


@JesseKnapp This is a techcommunity board for discussions on the new Edge Beta based on Chromium, not a place for you to vent....

Like it or not there are a lot of dependencies in the Current version of Windows that use either Edge or IE so you're in cloud cuckooland if you think there will be an option to completely remove it. 

Also out of all the applications could could have trash talked Outlooks is possibly the worst one to choose given the only viable alternative is Gmail and we all know how laggy that is and the fact Google Devs have permission to read your private emails. 

Honestly if you're going to be preaching anti MS stuff here expect to be the black sheep.

It sounds like you are venting about issues outside of Microsoft's control. 1) Forced to use Outlook by your college, that's an issue with your college. 2) Outlook forcing Edge, easy solution is to switch your default browser and that's what Outlook will use to open links. 3) Can't fully delete Edge since it's a system app, but you don't have to use it, switch your default browser.
Or auto hide it, or low scroll, that is to say be at the bottom with mouse curssor then scroll to see.


Go to edge://flags/#use-edge-local-ntp and choose Enabled.  All fixed.

@Joe HoffmanNice, that works.  Now if we only had an option to remove the favorites bar from the new tab page and switch the search from Bing to whatever we like !


You can do those as well.

On the new tab page right click the fav bar to disable it.

You can also set the search engine in the settings under privacy and services>address bar>manages search engines.

@_shellprompt1515Neither of those work.  You can right click the favorites bar and uncheck it, but it still shows up on the new tab page.  Changing the search engine also does not affect the search engine on the new tab page which is always Bing. 



Whatever @_shellprompt1515 suggested you works fine. There are few things which you need to keep in mind:


In the Favorite bar context menu, if you select NEVER it will hide the favorite bar completely from browser and if you select ONLY ON NEW TAB, it will only show favorite bar when you open a new tab.


Now its your call how you want to manage the favorite bar.


You can also make use of CTRL + SHIFT + B keyboard combination to hide favorite bar quickly. 


Still, if you have doubt, check out this blog post for step by step instructions: 



I hope you find this solution useful.





I must be on an older version, does this auto update or am I supposed to download new builds as they come out?  I'm on the weekly release (Version (Official build) dev (64-bit) and it says I'm on the latest release.  In my setup I only get an option to allow or disallow favorites, there is no menu for Always/Never/Only on new tabs.  When on a new tab page and checking the favorites tab off the favorites tab actually shrinks a tiny bit, so it's changing something, but it persists.  Same with search, if I change it in settings it still stays as Bing in the new tab page.


I'm going to download a fresh browser to see if I just need to update.

Update, so I downloaded the latest Canary and can now remove favorites from the new tab bar, AWESOME!  But Bing search still persists even if I change search in settings to another provider.  Build seems to run more smoothly than the weekly build as well.  Still no bookmarks menu like the old Edge had, just the atrocious chromium one.